Where Leaders Are Made

I wasn’t born a leader. They were all around me though. In the community, at work, at school.  Leaders were everywhere. They were the heads of families, coaches of teams,
business leaders, mentors, organizational decision-makers.

I admired these leaders. They influenced who I was and who I was becoming. Whatever they did professionally or how they became what they were, I aspired to walk in
their footsteps.

And, so, I committed myself to becoming one.

Finally, it came to me. It wasn’t just what leaders knew that enabled them to lead. They
had a voice. They could tell their story. They could listen and answer. They
didn’t just accomplish, they communicated.

So I set out to find my voice. Learn to process information on my toes. I needed to learn to
listen. Learn to give feedback – and accept it. I needed to organize, plan,
deliver, follow-up. I needed a place where all the ingredients were there, and
someone would guide me along the way.

I found that place. I found a community of learners and the path to leadership.

I am a leader – and I was made.